Yiwu city to carry out the hosiery industry "machine replaced" open "wisdom" made in New Era
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One, small socks to achieve big market

From 1912 poor learning art the 12 sets of hand foot of hosiery machine, now has more than 1400 companies, 6 million units the world first-class imported Waji armed, Yiwu Hosiery Industry has gone through years of history, in the international and domestic market occupies a pivotal position.

Years of development, Yiwu socks industry has formed a clear regional advantage. Sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, production from Italy, South Korea and other countries of the well-known brand hosiery Yiwu everything, the whole industry has 507 patent technology; reasonable structure, balance between production and marketing, creative design and R & D capability strong, from product to packaging are in leading the whole sock industry forward; industry and enterprise brand gold content is the highest. Yiwu Hosiery Industry not only has the "China Hosiery city", "China knitting industry Chaobaiyi yuan key industrial agglomeration area", "Zhejiang Province socks industry brand base", and has three Chinese famous brand, three well-known trademarks in China, 4 only exports of Zhejiang Province famous brand, and 14 in Zhejiang Province famous trademark, 33 Jinhua City famous trademark.

However, in recent years, affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, as well as Zhuji Datang, Yingtan, Jiangsu, Suqian, Jiangxi and other neighboring sock industry base of rapid rise, the Yiwu sock industry also began to face a lot of challenges.

Jia Wenhong, director of the Commission by letter of Yiwu believes that, despite the current Yiwu socks in the domestic and international market sales of the largest, but the profit margin is not high, some socks export price of only 0.8 yuan / double, only to earn meager profits. Some socks factory has no independent brand and advanced technology, has been processing for foreign brands. With the rising domestic labor costs, raw material costs, Yiwu hosiery industry profit space is gradually being squeezed, the competitiveness in the international market also gradually decreased in, which is not conducive to the long-term development of Yiwu Hosiery Industry must as soon as possible to enhance the core competitiveness of Yiwu Hosiery Industry.

Two, the machine substitutions to achieve comprehensive upgrade

Demographic dividend gradually disappear under the Yiwu socks how salvation? "Must be in transition, but how to" machine substitution "is a breakthrough." Jia Wenhong said.

In recent years, the recruitment difficult problem is becoming more and more serious, labor costs more and more high situation, Yiwu City, a group of leading enterprises has begun to the related equipment R & D investment, such as dragons socks, Mengna, Langsha socks and the Shenyang Institute of automation of the Yiwu center are in active development, trial can replace artificial socks automatic packaging machine, socks automatic butt machine, such as new equipment, and has achieved preliminary results.

"Although the beginning of the mind may be 'substitution', but is actually a sock enterprise and industry realize structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading is one of the important means, the function is comprehensive, the multi aspect, because the socks and upgrading of the industrial structure is realized through the technology progress and the improvement of labor quality." Jia Wenhong said that the hosiery industry substitution machine is the inevitable trend of industry development. The next 5 to 10 years, this demand trend will be more obvious.

In order to encourage more enterprises to join the "machine substitution" in the team, the city of Yiwu has three consecutive years to increase the technical transformation of machine substitutions of the financial support, the inclusion of "key technological transformation project machine substitutions demonstration pilot enterprises and units of subsidies according to the actual equipment investment of 8% - 12%. Again this year the discount ratio increased to 15% - 20%, and up to a certain amount of production equipment investment" machine substitution project and enterprise, through independent innovation, manufacturing with independent intellectual property rights to replace imported equipment (equipment) and common technology and key technical support for the city leading industry of advanced equipment for their own use. To be subsidized by 20% standard.

Aboard the machine substitutions of the high-speed train, Yiwu Hosiery Industry will be in high growth companies, "two" fusion demonstration enterprise focus, on machine substitution "key technological transformation projects are in full swing.

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